About Me…

 Well, I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up! I was born a right-brained, creative child. I wrote, I sang, I sketched, and I snapped photos. My dream was to major in art at the University of Georgia, but instead got a degree in psychology and graduated from UGA in 1990. I married my college sweetheart in 1991 and worked in the banking industry before becoming a stay-at-home mom of my two precious girls.

Years passed, my girls were becoming independent and I needed an outlet for all that creative energy inside of me. My husband gave me a Canon T6i for Christmas one year and I quickly picked up where I left off snapping photos constantly. Friends and family noticed that I had an “eye” for taking unique photos and before I knew it I was a portrait photographer, with lots of business and photos gracing the cover of Our Town Magazine of Cobb County. I also became an equestrian photographer for my brother’s business, Show Horse Magazine. I cover horse shows all over the southeast and love seeing my photos in the glossy pages of this full-color publication. Many of my artistic landscape and nature photos have been featured on social media sites and many have been purchased online.

What I might lack in experience, I make up for with a passion for making art. That right-brained child inside of me sees things a little differently than others. Some of my repeat clients tell me that my photos are like no others and have a way of evoking emotion. Getting paid to do what I love is truly priceless. Because photography is my passion, I offer my services for less than most of my competitors. I would love to have your business. Please take a look around my gallery and reach out if I can assist you with your portrait or other photography needs. Thank you!