About Me

“One thing I love about photography is that it causes me to slow down long enough to capture a moment that might have otherwise been missed” – Claire Hudgins Christa

My passion for photography began around 11 years of age on our 17-acre horse farm as I explored the rolling hills, capturing photos of our many pets and show horses. As an adult, I have had the privilege to travel to many wonderful destinations with my husband and two daughters. On these trips, my passion grew for capturing a more artistic, unique photo of my surroundings. Now, it is quite common to see me pull of the side of the road, often after making a U-turn, to capture that perfect shot. That shot might be an old barn with a rusty roof, cows grazing beneath the North Georgia mountains, or butterflies perched on wildflowers alongside the highway.

As friends and family learned of my growing passion for photography, I began receiving special requests to take specific shots. I am now taking senior pictures for graduates, pet portraits and children’s portraits. I have also had the honor of traveling to horse show events around the southeast taking photos of horse and rider for my brother’s publication, Show Horse Magazine.

I am excited to launch this website with the help from my friends at Creative Development Group. Please take a look around my galleries and let me know if a photo catches your eye, as it did mine, or if you would like to book a photography session for your child or pet. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!